"In Christ"

Small Group Discussion

1. We talked about sexual immorality and impurity in the beginning of Chapter 5. Why do you think the world continues to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in this category? How do you live as light in the darkness when it comes to purity? How could we change the direction of societies moral slide?
2. We also talked about obscene talk and crude jokes. How can we really understand the power of our words? How do we make sure our words are building others up, even our jokes, and posts?
3. We closed with a quick look at what marriage looks likes in God's plan. How far has society deviated from that design? The call for a husband to lay down his life for his bride sounds romantic, but when we look at the price Jesus paid for His church, it's gruesome. Do people take their vows that seriously today? Why do people have such a problem with the concept of submission?